An institutional evaluation of perceptions and expectations of prior learning assessment programs.doc

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  • Author(s):
    • Raulf, Judith
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    United States of America
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  • Keywords:
    quantitative, qualitative, telephone survey, interviews, board of trustees, student, Perceptions, administrators, faculty, barriers


The purpose of this study was to make an institution-wide examination of the perspectives of those involved in the educational process at County College of Morris to determine if there are barriers that impede full acceptance and implementation of a prior learning assessment program at the College. The purpose was two-fold: 1) to determine if barriers exist, and 2) if barriers exist, to make recommendations to lower them and to strengthen the prior learning assessment program.

Information was collected by examining college records and documents and clarifying questions that arose from that examination; eliciting, through face-to-face interviews, the perceptions and beliefs of members of the board of trustees, administrators, full-time faculty and part-time faculty, students who had participated in the PLA program and students who had not participated in the program; and validating the interview findings through telephone surveys of faculty and students who were not part of the original interviews.

Analysis revealed that there are barriers to full acceptance of and participation in PLA including lack of awareness, limitation to introductory-level courses, and exclusion of other methods of assessing knowledge such as portfolio assessment. [adapted from author's abstract].

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