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  • Author(s):
    • Abbott, Lenice
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    United States of America
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    quantiative, faculty; assessor competencies; administrators; training; grading; education; experiential learning


A Master's thesis, National-Louis University, Chicago, Illinois.

A multi-pronged comparative approach is used to identify training and development needs specific to faculty evaluators of prior learning experience essays. Surveys were administered to 39 active evaluators who were members of the National-Louis University (NLU) faculty and 14 directors of prior learning assessment programs external to NLU. The response rates 77% and 79%, respectively. The evaluators were asked to supply demographic data and rank the importance of selected evaluator performance factors and topics for evaluator training/development activities. Subject matter expertise, objectivity, and knowledge of assessment process were deemed the three most important evaluator characteristics. Among training topics, understanding and complying with timelines were rated most important by directors, whereas judging appropriate credit and using guidelines were rated most important by evaluators. It was concluded that evaluator participation in training/development activities must be encouraged and increased by identifying and overcoming barriers to their participation. [adapted from author abstract].

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