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Stakeholders' attitudes and expectations in respect to value and implementation principles of recognition of prior learning in Croatia
Mislav Balkovic , Mile Dzelalija , Vladimir Simovic

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Cedefop's European inventory on validation of non-formal and informal learning of December 2014, showed that most European countries reported implementation of validation using principle of equal value of qualifications in only some of their educational sectors and for some qualifications. In order to implement Council of European Union's recommendation, proposing that by 2018 all EU member states have in place comprehensive validation system based on stated principle, Croatia started research activities in order to design its new validation system. Objective of this study was to determine national stakeholders' attitudes and requirements in respect to such system and RPL as a concept. This paper is based on quantitative research of attitudes and expectations of key stakeholders, revealing that concept is widely supported while stakeholders wouldn't fully support the equal value principle. As a result of research, broad implementation principles for RPL in Croatia could be developed, with possible useful implications to other countries introducing equal value principle in RPL. Keywords: recognition of prior learning, RPL, validation, non-formal learning, informal learning, VNFIL, equal value, Croatia, stakeholder attitudes, stakeholder expectations Print ISSN: 1471-8197 Online ISSN: 17418089 Current issue List of issues Subscribe Get TOC alerts About this journal

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