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Investigation into the challenges for an implementation of recognition of prior learning in further education and training, in Limpopo Province
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Investigation into the challenges for an implementation of recognition of prior learning in further education and training, in Limpopo Province
Thobejane, Disego Vincentia URI: ( Date: 2016

This study investigates the challenges for an implementation of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) at three FET Colleges in Limpopo Province. The implementation of RPL in the South African education system is seen as an essential tool to drive transformation in FET Colleges. RPL was designed to play a unique role in the provision of the higher level skills required to support the socio-economic growth and development of the nation. With all these good intentions, RPL is virtually non-existent in our public FET Colleges. This is a qualitative case study in which both exploratory and descriptive designs were used. Data was collected from

observations, documents, interviews and questionnaires from the learners and educators. Twenty one learners and seven educators were interviewed. Questionnaires were distributed to nine educators. The purposive sampling method was used. The significant findings are that there are no RPL policy guidelines, no quality management systems, a shortage of accredited staff and equipment prescribed for RPL, and lack of management and leadership commitment to implementation of RPL. This study therefore recommends the urgent implementation of RPL in FET colleges to promote access and to urgently address the needed skills for the nation. The research also recommends an effective model on quality assurance which appears to be compromised in colleges. The research also recommends effective and efficient training of educators, as this study revealed that the educators have low academic qualifications. While the Ministerial Task Team on RPL recommends a holistic approach to implementation, this research recommends an effective training model for the FET educators to implement RPL.

Thesis (Ph. D. (Language Education)) -- University of Limpopo, 2016 Show full item record (/handle/10386/1566?show=full)

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